Dark Forest

Discover an area of unexplored woodland beyond the gothic ruins of the Towers, where mysterious wraiths roam the trees and undergrowth. Here you will find a long abandoned raceway that is home to Rita, a powerful launched roller coaster, and the unearthed ancient crypt of Thirteen, where you can surrender yourself to the world's first 'psychoaster'.

The so-called Queen of Speed is a state of the art launched roller coaster featuring tight turns and intense airtime hills. It is located within Dark Forest area, standing at 18 meters high and rocketing from 0 to 62mph in 2.5 seconds. This breathtaking ride pulls an incredible G-Force of 4.7 on launch and continues at an average speed of over 40mph! (Minimum Height: 1.4m)

Dubbed the world's first 'psychoaster', Thirteen takes you deep into an unearthed ancient burial site in an area of unexplored woodland known as the Dark Forest beyond Rita. The innovative element of this roller coaster experience is a vertical free fall. (Minimum Height: 1.2m)