Gloomy Wood

A spooky place where ghosts and ghouls await, hidden within the spine chilling woods you will find the haunted house of Duel where you can battle against evil forces in an interactive laser adventure ride. If you dare, take a short cut through Haunted Hollow, but beware of the eerie tombstones, headless statues, and ghostly goings-on!

With the fully interactive Duel, the haunted house of Gloomy Wood strikes back! It's a fast paced shoot out, as you, armed with a laser gun, battle against monsters, ghosts and all manner of evil forces and even get an individual score at the end. Very much like Tomb Blaster at Chessington World of Adventures. An adventure that shouldn't be missed, good family fun!

Dare you walk through the Haunted Hollow down to the Gloomy Wood? Meet a few of our more ancient ancestors that still call it home. The spirits of those who once lived on the grounds are seeking a little company. Wander down the path and meet a few friends from years gone by. There may be a few surprises in store.