The futuristic home of the world's first 14 looping roller coaster The Smiler and where you'll find the mighty Oblivion vertical drop coaster, don't look down! There's also the gravity defying vertical spinning ride Enterprise for more thrills.

Taking riders through a full 360 degrees at 60km per hour Enterprise quite literally turns the world upside down, and back again. A whirl-wind of the white-knuckle kind and a popular favourite in the futuristic X-Sector. (Minimum Height: 0.9m)

The world's first vertical drop rollercoaster, a short but powerful ride delivering a unique experience, one of the highlight's at Alton Towers. At the top of the lift hill you perch on the edge of a huge tunnel deep into the ground, you wait for a few seconds as you hear Don't...Look...Down... and then you plunge into Oblivion at extreme speed! (Minimum Height: 1.4m)

Not only does The Smiler have a jaw dropping world's first 14 inversions and plunging 30 metre drops, the ride also features a vertical lift hill as well as the standard lift hill plus there are a series of manipulating effects that will mess with your body and mind! The Marmaliser's parts: The Inoculator, The Tickler, The Flasher, The Giggler, The Hypnotiser. (Minimum Height: 1.4m)