The Smiler

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Not only does The Smiler have a jaw dropping world's first 14 inversions and plunging 30 metre drops, the ride also features a vertical lift hill as well as the standard lift hill plus there are a series of manipulating effects that will mess with your body and mind! The Marmaliser's parts: The Inoculator, The Tickler, The Flasher, The Giggler, The Hypnotiser. (Minimum Height: 1.4m)

  • Type: Infinity Coaster
  • Opened: 2013
  • Cost: £18m
  • Height: 72ft
  • Length: 3840ft
  • Speed: 53mph
  • Inversions: Heartline Roll, Corkscrew x 5, Dive Loop x 3, Sidewinder, Roll Over (2 inversions), Cobra Roll (2 inversions)
  • Duration: 2min 45sec
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