Tigers in the Mystic East at Chessington

Chessington World of Adventures has now applied for full planning permission to re-develop part of the Mystic East area of the park including the addition of three new interconnected animal enclosures and a re-theme of the Dragon Falls log flume as Tiger Falls.

The park's two existing Sumatran Tigers will be re-located to the brand new purpose built animal enclosures, with four new Amur Tigers joining them. 

The enclosures will be connected with Tiger Tunnels, special elevated walkways allowing the big cats to move between them, and providing viewing opportunities for visitors.

Tiger Rock will act as the centerpiece for the area, which the log flume will pass through and tigers will be able to cross over the ride.

The area will also include a highly themed entrance portal, viewing shelter and demo area, as well as extensive landscaping and planting.

The development will require the removal of the Peeking Heights Ferris wheel, Adventure Zone pay-per-play attraction and Coca Cola Pagoda food and drink area.

The log flume opened in 1987 as the Dragon River but has been called Dragon Falls since 1999. The original rocky mountain and waterfall, which the boats climbed up on the second lift, was demolished in 2005. The remaining rock scenery and sculpture was demolished in 2013 along with half the dragon tunnel.

A competition to redesign the ride was held and it was to be re-themed for 2014, but the ride has continued to operate as it is ever since. These ambitious new plans are therefore most welcome.

A project like this, which brings together wild animals with wild rides, is all part of long term development plans for the park.