Chessington World of Adventures is made up of ten themed lands, Chessington Zoo and SEA LIFE, here's an overview of each area including the attractions that you'll find in them. There's more information and photos available for many of the best rides, just click on the highlighted names. You can also rate those rides, read other people's reviews of them or write your own!

Africa - Chessington World of Adventures

Prepare to go wild with Penguins of Madagascar Live! Operation: Cheezy Dibbles and
join your favourite characters as they sing and dance their way through a live show in jungle surroundings. There's extra fun nearby with the Treetop Hoppers and Todie's Crazy Cars.
Chessington SEA LIFE
SEALIFE at Chessington
With over 20 marine life displays housing species ranging from tiny shrimps and starfish to magnificent sharks and stingrays, this is an aquatic attraction, not to be missed! The 250,000 litre aquarium brings kids of all ages almost nose to nose with a wide range of sea creatures, creating the illusion that it is the visitor is on display while the fish swim freely around. There are also interactive touchpools and a walkthrough ocean tank where the fish swim overhead.
Chessington Zoo
Chessington Zoo - Chessington World of Adventures

Lots of wild animals can be found here, and there are live shows to enjoy at Penguin Bay, Sealion Bay and Wild Wood. You can get up close to big cats and gorillas at Trail of the Kings, discover the Creepy Caves, play amongst monkeys at AMAZU Treetop Adventure and explore the Wanyama Village & Reserve with zebras, gazelles, oryxes and more.
Forbidden Kingdom
Forbidden Kingdom - Chessington World of Adventures

An egyptian location sets the scene for some frightful rides. The interactive laser adventure Tomb Blaster will put a chill down your spine as you fight against evil forces while the thrilling Rameses Revenge will make everyone scream!
Land of the Dragons
Land of the Dragons - Chessington World of Adventures

This mystical world full of adventures is bursting with great attractions ideal for children 2 to 8 years old. There's the spinning roller coaster Dragon's Fury, a spinning boat ride called Sea Dragons, and a swinging and rocking ship named Griffin's Galleon. Not to mention the Canopy Capers treehouses, Dragon's Tale puppetry show and Dragon's Playhouse!
Market Square
Market Square - Chessington World of Adventures

In the centre of the park you can find Hocus Pocus Hall, a magical 4-D attraction to explore, alongside classic rides Tiny Truckers and the Carousel. You can also board the Safari Skyway for an overhead view of Chessington Zoo.
Mexicana - Chessington World of Adventures

At this mexican themed village, jump on the Rattlesnake roller coaster, where wild carts wind around sharp corners and steep drops. Set within Scorpion Valley, a land of sweeping sands and gold mines, adventurers must board the old train of the Scorpion Express as itís the only way to cross the sands, ruins of the mines, and the abandoned town.
Mystic East
Mystic East - Chessington World of Adventures

Step into an eastern land where you can sample delicious oriental food or take a trip down the river on Dragon Falls. Beware as what begins as a gentle cruise through the lakes and valley leads to a exciting plunge. For a fantastic view of the whole park hop on board the observation wheel, Peeking Heights, which towers over the land.
Pirates Cove
Pirates Cove - Chessington World of Adventures

How about a massive pirate ship called the Black Buccaneer to get you in the swing of things, or what about the little ones getting caught up in a Sea Storm, well if that sounds good head for this swash buckling cove!
Transilvania - Chessington World of Adventures

Themed on the spooky location of many stories and films, watch out for witches, ghosts and ghouls in this haunting land. The flying bats of the Vampire suspended family roller coaster and the the legendary foam-fizzing Bubbleworks can both be found here.
Wild Asia
Wild Asia - Chessington World of Adventures
An ancient and mythical kingdom where Kobra, an awesome spinning Disk'O Coaster ride, lurks in the jungle next to family favourites including the Monkey Swinger and the Tuk Tuk Turmoil dodgems, with the Lorikeet Lagoon walkthrough aviary and Maharajaís Market just begging to be explored. Kids can go crazy the Temple of Mayhem indoor play area and take a bumpy ride on the colourful Jungle Bus.
Zufari - Chessington World of Adventures

Deep in the heart of the African outback, off the beaten track, lies a world of wild adventure. A specialist conservation team have stumbled upon previously undiscovered land in Africa which they have named Zufari. Explore the new land on Zufari - Ride into Africa. Family favourite Flying Jumbos is here too.

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