ZUFARI - Ride into Africa

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Chessington World of Adventures has created a safari experience where visitors ride in safari trucks to explore a reserve with White Rhino, Giraffe and Grevy’s Zebra. The 22 acre site is located next to the Wanyama Village & Reserve and near Forbidden Kingdom.

There is an impressive entrance and bridge, a themed waiting area featuring a pre-ride video introduction, before visitors board a safari truck which is driven around the trail by a guide. Along the route vehicles pass though each of the animal enclosures, several splash zones and into a cave section with water finale.


Deep in the heart of the African outback, off the beaten track, lies a new world of wild adventure! A small specialist conservation team, ACRE, have stumbled upon previously undiscovered land in Africa which they have named ‘Zufari’. There are no signs of civilisation although it would appear human tribes once visited but something scared them away….

Early investigations by the team have shown that amongst the beautiful animals, a ‘dangerous hidden secret’ exists although they haven’t been able to get to the bottom of this mystery…yet. ACRE need help to find out more about their intriguing discovery and that’s where you come in.

Adventurers up for the challenge will enter the Base Camp station for an interactive cinema experience where one of ACRE’s leading investigators will outline the details of the quest they are about to set.

You'll form a team and jump aboard the ultimate off-road truck specially designed for this mission. Don’t worry you won’t be alone. ACRE will track you via GPS devices and stay in radio contact with your driver, just make sure you stay on track and ensure you don’t take any diversions.

ACRE: African Conservation, Research & Exploration