Launch of Ferrari Land at PortAventura

PortAventura is one of the most popular theme park resorts in Europe with millions of visitors from the UK and beyond. Ferrari Land takes it to whole new level.

We were invited to the opening event on April 6th, to be one of the first to experience the new theme park that includes 11 attractions as well as restaurants, shops and shows that all embody the spirit of Ferrari.

The new theme park occupies an area of 70,000 square metres, and is the largest project in the history of PortAventura, with an investment of approximately 100 million Euros and the involvement of more than 50 companies in the various phases of the project. 

Following a press conference with Fernando Aldecoa, the CEO of PortAventura, media from across Europe gathered for the inauguration ceremony with Ferrari test driver, Marc Gené. It was a truly spectacular launch with live music, confetti and fireworks! 

Ferrari Land looks spectacular, with incredible attention to detail throughout, featuring many recreations of iconic Italian sights, from St Mark's Campanile and Doge's Palace in Venice to the Colosseum in Rome.

The impressive Ferrari Experience building is the heart of Ferrari Land where you can experience the two worlds of Ferrari, GT and F1, through two immersive indoor attractions.

The shared pre-ride area features a gigantic video wall, and GT and F1 cars with projection mapping, followed by further walkthrough sections using holographic and other technology to bring the history of Ferrari to life.

Flying Dreams is a flying theatre much like Disney's popular Soarin' attractions, but here you follow a series of Ferrari GT cars around the world to iconic landmarks. You will feel the wind in your hair as you appear to fly high above and swoop down over the ground.

The 10 simulators of Racing Legends sit in front of a huge Omnimax screen, here you take a ride with Ferrari F1 cars around the world's greatest Formula 1 circuits. It uses a similar ride system to attractions like The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios.

Also located here is the Ferrari Gallery where you can see real GT and F1 cars, then learn about the story of the legendary Ferrari company and racing team.

Red Force is the signature attraction of Ferrari Land and it's just fantastic, the tallest and fastest coaster in Europe, accelerating 0-112mph in 5 seconds then rocketing 367ft into the sky. The ride is incredibly smooth and the launch feels very intense, for those brave enough to keep their eyes open you are rewarded with fantastic views for miles around. There is an incredible roar as you race down the track from the start line and pass the grandstand where spectators can watch the ride in action.

The 180ft high Thrill Towers give you the choice of an intense free-fall experience or an upward launch and bounce-back. We enjoyed both!

Maranello Grand Race is a 550m race track for families, with beautifully crafted mini Ferrari 488 Spider cars including leather seats and an on-board radio. Similar to Disney's Autopia but electrically powered and takes riders around a realistic racing circuit.

Ferrari Land also offers fun for little ones with the Junior Championship 'whip' ride and a Kids' Podium play area.

For an extra charge, the Pit Stop Record competition allows two teams to compete to change four wheels on a full-size Formula 1 car as quicly as possible and the eight semi-professional simulators in Pole Position Challenge will appeal to those wanting to put their driving skills to the test.

We had an incredible day at the launch of Ferrari Land and the following day we went to explore what the rest of PortAventura has to offer, a superb theme park set across 105 hectares divided into six themed areas.

As the park is located by the Mediterranean Sea, visitors are welcomed on the shores of Mediterrània. From this area, you take a journey through the beautiful islands of Polynesia, colourful and lively México, exotic China, and the perilous Far West. There is also a place specially designed for the little ones: SésamoAventura. There are 41 attractions for all ages and more than 40 daily performances. There are also 47 food and beverage outlets and 51 shops.

Furious Baco was our first ride of the day and sure packs a punch, with an exciting launched ride through a vineyard and over the lake. It features a great pre-show, giving the ride a story. 

The hyper coaster Shambhala is fantastic! So much airtime and an incredible 256ft drop.

Dragon Khan is stunning to look at and a dream to ride, with 8 gigantic inversions.

We won our race on Stampida, a thrilling racing wooden coaster. The smaller coasters at PortAventura are Tomahawk and El Diablo, and they are both really good fun.

Angkor is yet another beautifully themed land, with the world's longest interactive boat ride.

The gigantic Hurakan Condor towers over PortAventura at 330ft tall and with a 283ft drop at 72mph.

Located just 1 hour from Barcelona, PortAventura is easy to reach from the UK with flights from most regional airports, and with the addition of Ferrari Land it's a must visit! We stayed at Hotel PortAventura, perfectly located between the Ferrari Land and PortAventura theme parks, with lovely outdoor pools and spectacular views of Ferrari Land by day and by night.

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