New at Flamingo Land

Flamingo LandFlamingo Land has confirmed more details of it's 3 new rides opening at the park in 2013.

Flamingo Land

The new attractions, which will be called Cyclosaur, Twistosaurus and Hero, are being supplied by Italian ride manufacturer Zamperla. Two will join other attractions in a new Dino-Stone Park area.
  • Cyclosaur - in the new Dino-Stone Park area, which will be a 'Magic Bikes' ride from Zamperla. This new family ride will feature six themed vehicles with a total capacity of 12/16 per cycle. Each car places riders on an elevated seat with bicycle pedals. Once the ride cycle begins, riders are in full control as they swoop and fly their way through the sky. This unique interactive ride is sure to put smiles on kids of all ages and keep the re-ridership numbers sky-high.
  • Twistosaurus - in the new Dino-Stone Park area, located on the former site of the Junior Driving School, which will be a 'Junior Twister Coaster' ride from Zamperla. This brand new roller coaster is sure to be an eye-catching addition to the park's landscape. The ride will be 8m tall, travelling at speeds of 28 km/h (17mph), featuring more than 175m of steel track, and with one train of four cars. Families with younger children will find the ride’s height requirement pleasing, as it is suitable for kids 105cm (42") tall if they are riding with an adult, while kids 120cm (47") tall may ride alone. The spinning coaster cars spin independently throughout the ride so that no two experiences are the same.
  • Hero - in the Metropolis area, located on the former site of the Wild Mouse, which will be a 'Volare' ride from Zamperla. This brand new roller coaster will offer the sensation of flight, with riders suspended four across in one of seven individual cars. The ride will offer every rider an unobstructed front seat ride, featuring a unique spiral lift system, swooping turns, breathtaking drops, and two heartline inversions - creating the incredible sensation of zero gravity.

Pterodactyl, the 151ft (46m) tall vertical spinning swing tower which opened in 2012 will form part of the new Dino-Stone Park area of the theme park alongside Cyclosaur and Twistosaurus. Other attractions will include Dino Roller (formerly Dragon Coaster), Rotataur (formerly Wagon Wheel), Boneyard and Dino Dig plus a Dino Shop. The new area will have several entrances including a Clifftop Walkway.

Flamingo Land is the UK’s only combined theme park, zoo and holiday village in one, all set in over 375 acres of North Yorkshire parkland. The very best rides include Kumali, Velocity and Mumbo Jumbo.

Dino-Stone Park Map