Thorpe Park Fright Nights

Get ready for the ultimate Halloween at Thorpe Park on the 29th - 30th September and 1st, 6th - 8th, 13th - 15th, 20th - 31st October 2017 with the return of SAW Alive, The Big Top, Platform 15 and Containment plus two new scare attractions based on The Walking Dead.

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Beware of what hides in the shadows at the UK’s most chilling Halloween event. Only the brave will survive the surprises that lay in wait in the live action horror mazes before riding thrilling coasters in the dark. Experience a full 12 hours of thrills with the park open from 10am-10pm and all the mazes open at 3pm.

New for 2017:

  • The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare - Your fate is sealed, Lucille is coming. New for 2017, nightmares become reality as you find yourself with other survivors at the terrifying mercy of the notorious Negan. Choose your path and decide your fate in The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare.
  • The Walking Dead: Sanctum - Those who arrive… survive. New for 2017, follow in the footsteps of survivors on your journey to refuge, but look beyond and all is not what it seems. Make your way to sanctuary past the roaming walkers or risk being captured. Will you survive The Walking Dead: Sanctum?

Returning frights:

  • Platform 15 - Depart on a one way ticket and trek along the overgrown railway line, the last known route of the vanished locomotive - the notorious Sleeper Express. Don't lose your tracks and risk disturbing the haunted souls that were once aboard, where you may just experience the same chilling fate. Can you outrun what lies at the end of the line or will your journey terminate here, at Platform 15?
  • SAW Alive - With each room based on an iconic scene from the terrifying SAW films, guests will have to test their nerve in some of the movies’ most memorable traps. Escape freezing temperatures, brave foul stenches and feel your heart race in the darkness.
  • The Big Top - Grab your ticket to the greatest scare on Earth as the carnival comes to town once again this October. Reimagined for 2016, twist your way through The Big Top, a carnival comes back to life to terrorise those who dare to trespass. Will you succumb to the torturous antics of the wicked Figaro Bros. as they return for another year of crazed debauchery?
  • Containment - Face your fears and make the ultimate timed escape! In groups of 10, you'll be locked inside four haunt rooms, inspired by many of the UK's worst nightmares, and tasked with breaking the codes to make your way through to the end... all in hopes of finding the antidote to a spreading infection. Will you and your team surrender to the outbreak or have what it takes to break out of Containment? £10 per person extra.

In addition to the Fright Nights attractions, all the park's flagship coasters will be open until late too including Stealth, Colossus, SAW - The Ride, Nemesis Inferno and The Swarm.

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