Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon Launch

Thorpe Park Resort has re-launched Derren Brown's Ghost Train with a terrifying new destination for 2017, and ThemeParks-UK was invited to the press launch to experience the improved Rise of the Demon version.

The attraction brings together live action sequences, special effects, grand-scale illusion and new virtual reality created by Figment Productions using Nokia’s OZO camera and experienced with HTC Vive headsets.

It is now a 15 minute journey into the clasp of ‘The Infected’ and the attraction has been improved in a number of ways. The original pre-show where you meet a projection of Derren Brown remains, setting the tone and raising expectations for the experience. Then you enter the huge warehouse, and are blown away by the incredible 20 metre long Victorian railway carriage, which appears to be suspended in mid air by chains. It's a brilliant set piece and once you've taken it all in it's time to board.

Once on the train and with your VR headset in place, the changes take affect. The first VR section has been vastly improved, with brighter and more realistic VR content captured using Nokia’s OZO camera, and the sound quality is far superior with full 360 degree audio. The second VR section has been completely replaced for 2017, it has a clearer story and is much scarier. There are also significantly more live actors in the attraction, and there's a brand new twist which really impressed us but we won't spoil that for you!

There were no glitches with any of the technology on the ride, but it did breakdown during the event so reliability may still be an issue, and the second pre-ride photo opportunity was not in operation.

Illusionist Derren Brown said:

“Visitors to the Ghost Train will experience a heart stopping combination of next generation technology, grand illusion, live action and special-effects, completely unalike anything they will have seen before. We are making this bigger, better and scarier than last year. The changes and improvements that have taken place will scare the sh*t out of guests”.

Divisional Director, Dominic Jones, said:

“This is a dark attraction that will satisfy the nation’s crave to be scared, which in turn boosts adrenaline and heightens your senses. Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon is a smorgasbord of all the fun elements from rides and experiences fused together – scare actors, illusion, ride movement, virtual reality and special effects. It’s not like your standard ride, each component has been bespoke built – this is a world’s first, an original creation. We were excited by the challenge our guests gave us to dial up the fear following feedback in 2016 that they wanted more scares – and I truly believe we have answered their calls. Enter if you dare!”

Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon is now open, book your tickets today!