Derren Brown's Ghost Train Running Late

Derren Brown’s Ghost Train is running late, not due to leaves on the line, but while final tweaks are made to the remaining elements to get things absolutely perfect.

The new attraction at Thorpe Park will be a world's first, one-of-a-kind multi-sensory theme park experience. It was due to open on 6th May, which was changed to the end of May, but it is now delayed indefinitely.

FAQs from the Thorpe Park website:

  • Train Delays
    This afternoon we took the Ghost Train for a spin, and the truth is we are just not happy with a few show elements of the attraction and we will not open up the experience until it’s ready. We know you’re all desperate to get on board, please bear with us and we promise it will be worth the wait.
  • Why are we so late?
    This is a world first, an entirely new invention and a merging of entertainment media and new technologies never done before. What we’re building isn’t like your standard ride – every element of the Ghost Train is bespoke, and so the reason for the delay is purely creative. Quite simply, there are still elements of the show that aren’t ready.More than that, it’s taken so long to plan and create - over three years now - we are taking our time to finesse the illusion so it’s perfect for our guests. So we’re asking for a bit more time from you all, because it’s necessary to do so.
  • So when will it open? Why haven’t you given a clear date?
    Quite frankly, if we released a new date and missed it, your hopes would be raised and we don’t want to make any further promises that could cause further disappointment for you so we are not yet releasing a new date.
  • What we’re going to do about it.
    1. If you’ve booked your ticket to come down specifically for the Ghost Train and you want to change your ticket now for a later date you can do so for free, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    2. If you have any concerns with your THORPE SHARK Hotel or Nearby Hotel booking please do not hesitate to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll be more than happy to help
    3. We will keep you updated with progress when we have announcements to make across our social channels, but if you have any other queries, please do speak to our Customer Services Team

Crafted by the master of mind control, this 13-minute experience will be the world’s only fully immersive psychological attraction designed to manipulate the human mind. It will provide a mixture of exhilarating live action sequences, 4D special effects, grand-scale illusions, next generation technology, and physical transit.

At the heart of the island you will discover a disused warehouse. As you enter a seemingly innocent Victorian train carriage, it will soon become clear that you must come face-to-face with what lies at the end of the line. Prepare to derail your mind on a ghost train re-invented for the 21st century that will leave you questioning where perception ends and reality begins.

The ride will have 12 possible journeys and two endings - so not only will no two rides be the same but every journey will provoke an intense response and reaction in each individual passenger. So whilst guests may share the journey with others, the experience will be an individual one – and every journey, every sensation and every fear will be quite unique. 

Derren Brown’s Ghost Train is housed within a purpose built warehouse that encompasses 2306 square metres and is tall enough to house nearly three double decker buses. The main centrepiece of the attraction will be a 20 metre long, four and a half metre high, seven tonne Victorian train carriage that is suspended in mid air over three metres above ground by iron chains. A carriage which passengers enter via a metal bridge, and where the mind-bending journey begins in earnest in what appears to be a large disused Victorian warehouse.

Guests will be subject to a variety of multi-sensory surprises throughout the journey including a series of high-octane live action sequences where participants will take centre stage in the story. And like his TV shows and stage performances, Brown will toy with guests’ minds and perceptions throughout the journey on board the Ghost Train until they no longer know what is real, before leaving them on a cliffhanger ending.

The team involved in the creation of the attraction includes over 1,000 specialists from Thorpe Park’s Merlin Magic Making Creative Department and external experts who have pooled their skills.