This spectacularly themed New England fishing village has just been hit by a giant tidal wave, but the wave will soon attack again causing utter devastation, experience it on the amazing Tidal Wave. Spin out of control on Storm Surge, another sky-high water ride, experience the Flying Fish family roller coaster and enjoy Storm in a Teacup. Take a stroll down to Amity Speedway to ride Europe's tallest and fastest launched roller coaster, Stealth.

A classic teacup ride located in Amity Cove and sponsored by Tetley. Choose how fast you spin by turning the table in the centre of your teacup, the faster you turn, the more you will spin! (Minimum Height: 1.1m)

This 64ft spinning raft ride is fun for thrill-seekers and families alike as they spin out of control down this insane sky-high water ride. Watch out for the water blasters at the end of the ride unless you want to get totally soaked! (Minimum Height: 1.1m)


A chance for younger thrill-seekers to experience a fun and exciting roller coaster! The colourful Flying Fish winds through the Amity Cove swamp at thrilling speed, so jump aboard and enjoy a taste of what's to come. (Minimum Height: 0.9m)


Reports come in that a huge tidal wave has devastated Amity Cove. Tidal Wave sets an awesome standard for wet knuckle rides as it plunges riders down a heart pumping, buttock-clenching 85ft into a huge wall of water! (Minimum Height: 1.2m)


This Intamin Rocket Coaster is Europe's highest and fastest launched roller coaster. It launches riders from 0-80mph in less than 2 seconds and reaches 205ft in just 8 seconds. With over £12m invested in its development and more than 80,000 man hours put into its design and construction, Stealth is an iconic ride for Thorpe Park. (Minimum Height: 1.4m)