Lost City

Step inside a lost civilization packed with intense rides to satisfy even the most demanding thrill seekers. The mystical collection of Vortex, Zodiac, Quantum and Rush are just inside the ancient walls. The impressive roller coaster Colossus packs in 10 exhilarating inversions plus there's the ultimate stomach churning experience of the mighty Samurai.

Whatever your sign, Zodiac promises to spin you into a new sphere of fear. Taking riders through a full 360 degrees at 60km per hour Zodiac quite literally turns the world upside down, and back again. A whirl-wind of the white-knuckle kind and a popular favourite in the mystical Lost City. (Minimum Height: 1.1m)

Take your seats for a ride you will not forget. This  ride will twist, roll and swing you in every direction so that you will fly across the trees, over the lake and down to the ground at incredible speed! Intense theme music really enhances every moment while you are being subjected to over 5G's by the mighty warrior. (Minimum Height: 1.4m)


The world's biggest air-powered speed swing, where riders are powerfully launched into the air to swing to and fro at terrifying speeds. A smooth and ultra exciting ride, thrill seekers feel the roaring wind in their hair as the ground rushes to meet them, feeling moments of weightlessness and the lurch of their lunches as they swoop back and forth. (Minimum Height: 1.3m)


The awesome Vortex subjects riders to 15 high speed rotations per minute whilst swinging back and forth at a vertigo-inducing 65 feet above the ground. A legendary Thorpe Park thrill ride, be warned, the cyclonic forces of the raging Vortex are best experienced on an empty stomach! (Minimum Height: 1.4m)


A stomach churning Magic Carpet ride from Fabbri with a height of 65ft! Located in the ancient Lost City area of the park, this ride launches riders up into the sky and drags them back down to the ground at incredible speed. (Minimum Height: 1.2m)


Colossus is a spectacular, almighty and exhilarating 10 looping roller coaster. Riders sit in sideless trains, and rise 100ft before belting around a huge 850m track enduring speeds up to 65kmph, high g-forces and 10 amazing inversions including a vertical loop, cobra roll, 2 corkscrews and 5 inline twists! (Minimum Height: 1.4m)