Little Africa has now opened at Paultons Park

A new themed animal attraction, Little Africa, has opened at Paultons Park - just in time for February Half Term in 2018.

Little Africa is home to a number of animals native to the continent, including fennec fox, African crested porcupines, meerkats, Savannah monitor lizards and giant train millipedes, as well as one of the largest rodents in Africa, the Gambian pouched rat, and also the smallest, the African pygmy mouse.

At the centre of the new Little Africa is an impressive aviary where a mix of bird species such as the trumpeter hornbills, Madagascan teal and black-crowned night herons, share the same environment that has been designed to replicate an African water hole.

James Mancey, operations director at Paultons Park, said:

“Now in our 35th year we want to continue to improve and add to our offering. 2018 is set to be an exciting year to visit Paultons Park, with the launch of two new attractions, there will be something new for children of all ages to experience. Little Africa is going to be an educational, interactive and exciting attraction. There will be a number of animals that children, and even parents, will have not seen before.”