Katanga Canyon

Go on a wild adventure in this African settlement, exploring the dramatic lake and rocky landscape. You can roll through the canyon on the wild track of the Runaway Mine Train or splash through it on the Congo River Rapids.

One of the best rides in the park for a whole lot of family fun, jump aboard your very own raft and prepare to get pretty soaked! As you ride through Katanga Canyon you'll face lots of drops, speedy downhill rapids and plenty of waterfalls. You wont want to miss this, especially if your not so keen on the big thrill rides. (Minimum Height: 0.9m)

Ride through the African mine of Katanga Canyon on this fun family roller coaster, winding through tunnels and trees, and close to the waters of Congo River Rapids. Take the opportunity to take in the scenery on your first lap as on the second the train rattles around much faster, making the sharp turns and twists even more thrilling! (Minimum Height: 0.9m)