Top Tips

  • TicketSave yourself some money by booking your tickets online in advance, as well as being cheaper you will save time by not having to queue at the park entrance - LEGOLAND Windsor Tickets
  • ListThere are a limited number of Wheelchairs and Pushchairs available for hire, these are available on a first come first served basis and a charge applies, speak to a member of staff when you enter the park.
  • UmbrellaThe weather can be an important factor, try to dress accordingly to avoid getting too hot, too cold or too wet! It can also be pretty unpredictable, if it ends up being a wet day there are ponchos available to help you stay dry.
  • StarWear sensible footwear to avoid feeling uncomfortable after a long day, it's also important to make sure shoes are fastened securely when going on some of the more intense rides to make sure that they don't fall off!
  • InfoGuest Services can be found at The Beginning (by the entrance) and in Heartlake City (centre of the park), they can help with lots of things including lost property and lost people.
  • ExchangeChildren can be given a sticker which you add your name and mobile number to, if a member of staff finds them unaccompanied you will be contacted so that they can be reunited with you.
  • PointIf you're visiting with a group of friends it's a good idea to agree on a place to meet up just incase you get seperated and have trouble finding each other.
  • GiftThere's plenty of great gifts available from shops all over the park, if you decide to buy any ask for them to be taken to the collection point near the exit to save you carrying them around all day.
  • FloatIt's best to avoid doing the wettest rides at the end of the day otherwise you might not be able to dry out before the journey home.
  • FilmRide photos are nice souvenir of your day so look out for the cameras and don't forget to smile, if you decide to buy any ask for them to be taken to the collection point near the exit to save you carrying them around all day.
  • LockIt might be a good idea to make use of the lockers in the park to avoid carrying too many things, the locations of these are shown on the Park Map.
  • CardLegoland Windsor accepts all major credit/debit cards, there are also ATMs located around the park, although some of these do apply a charge to each transaction.
  • ClockYou can join a ride's queue right up until it's closing time, it is the queue that closes then and not the ride.
  • Timing - Generally it's best to do the biggest rides in the first hour that the park is open, at lunchtime, or in the last hour that the park is open, as the queues tend to be the shortest at these times. Plus, you can often beat the crowds by starting at the back of the park and working your way towards the front.
  • Parent Swap - On busy days parents with small children can get a special pass which allows just one of the parents to queue, when the first parent has been on the ride the second can go on without having to queue again.
  • Q-BOT Virtual Queuing - These devices allow you to reserve a place in a virtual queue line for many of the rides without having to actually stand in line. The service costs £15-£70 per person, each device has capacity for  6 people, and they are available from The Beginning.

Height and other restrictions apply to each attraction, full details of these can be found at the entry point of the attractions, here's a summary of some key categories:

  • Minimum Height 1.0m - The Dragon, Pirate Falls, Vikings' River Splash, Jolly Rocker.
  • Minimum Height 0.9m - Longboat Invader, Space Tower, Raft River Racers, Chopper Squadron, Dino Safari, Fire Academy, Dino Dipper, Thunder Blazer, Sky Rider, Spinning Spider, SQUID Surfer, Scarab Bouncers.
  • Have a think about when you're going to eat, trying big thrill rides immediately after lunch may not be wise!
  • Most of the outlets tend to get busy between 11am and 1pm, try to avoid these peak hours to avoid a wait.
  • There's a wide range of outlets across the park, there are vegetarian and healty options available at many of them. 
  • If you prefer to bring your own food, there's an area called Picnic Grove that you can use in Adventure Land.