Thomas Land

Set in 6,000 square metres of parkland, Thomas Land is a multi-million pound children’s area within Drayton Manor, promising fun and adventure. It boasts sixteen wonderful Thomas themed rides, a spectacular indoor play area, and a shop filled with fantastic Thomas & Friends™ merchandise.

Not sure where to start? There’s so much to do for the young and the old – why not have a ride on Thomas himself or go for a wild adventure on the Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster? If that doesn’t sound like your thing there’s much more, from topsy-turvy mini rides to exciting sights from Sodor Airport - it's packed full of exciting stuff to do.

Each ride features one of Thomas’ friends, like Bertie Bus and Jeremy Jet, who are just waiting to share an adventure with you. From gentle rides for theme park first timers to more adventurous ones for older Thomas fans, there’s certainly something for everyone.


A trip to Drayton Manor would not be complete without a visit to Thomas Land, and of course, a ride on Bertie Bus! It’s a top attraction for the little ones that aren't quite ready for the bigger rides and is a great way for them to explore Thomas Land from the skies! With a height restriction for little ones under 1.05 meters, children must be accompanied by an adult - but don't worry, we're sure the grown ups will love the Bertie Bus ride just as much as the children!


Visit Thomas Land and explore the collection of fantastic rides and attractions, including this gentle roundabout ride with rotating trains. Join these four engines and experience Thomas Land by train. This attraction is great for little ones looking to experience their first ride at Thomas Land. Fans of Thomas the Tank Engine are sure to enjoy this fun-filled roundabout ride as it rotates on a humped track in a clockwise motion.

Ahoy there! Set sail with Captain on the most exciting sea adventure at Thomas Land! Little ones are sure to love this ride and it’s a great way to experience Thomas Land by sea! Climb into one of our locomotive ships, take a seat and experience a spinning sea adventure. The boat will rotate as your circle round. If you've walked around Thomas Land by foot and ridden a roller coaster to see the sights by air, then now it’s time to set sail on Captain’s Sea Adventure to experience a Thomas Land voyage like no other.

Hold on tight and get ready for a thrilling ride as you get lifted right up to the sky before an exhilarating drop back to the ground! The Cranky Crane will lift you up so you can take in all the sights of Thomas Land from the air, and see what Thomas and his friends get up to at Drayton Manor. A great ride for little ones looking to experience their first thrill-seeking ride, the Cranky Crane is a great Thomas Land attraction. Join Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends at Drayton Manor for lots of fun and adventure!

Join Bert, Mavis, Rusty, Salty and Dennis on our Diesels Locomotive Mayhem rotating ride! Just like the teacups, you’ll be spinning around the platform with the Thomas the Tank Engine diesel locomotive gang! Get ready to spin round, and round, and round again on board the Diesel’s Locomotive engines, getting faster and faster… and dizzier as you go! A great ride for tiny tots experiencing their first roller coaster rides, we’re sure they’ll love this locomotive thrill! No visit to Drayton Manor is complete without a trip to Thomas Land and a waltzing ride on Diesels Locomotive Mayhem! If you’re shorter than 1.2 metres, make sure you grab a grown up and hop on board to enjoy the dizzy, Diesel Locomotive Mayhem. Enjoy Thomas Land with Thomas the Tank Engine and all his friends with thrill-seeking rides and lots of adventures.

Find out if you’ve got what it takes to put out the flames with Flynn’s Fire Rescue and step into the shoes of a fireman. Thomas Land is a world of adventures, and no visit is complete without a ride on Flynn’s Fire Rescue. Have you got what it takes to put the fire out in time? Get your hose at the ready as you circle round the building, rotating round and round, up and down to stop the fire with the help of powerful jets. We’re sure little ones will love this ride and smaller visitors must be accompanied by an adult - so with double the trouble at the ready, those fires will be extinguished in no time!

Thomas Land isn't just about trains - Harold the helicopter is ready to have some fun as well! Join Harold on one of his famous helicopter tours, climbing into your very own helicopter and going on an adventure with Thomas' flying friend. In this gentle ride for younger visitors, guests sit in a helicopter of up to four people. The helicopters gently lift up to the top of the tower, rotating slowly so you can see the whole of Thomas Land before coming back down to the ground. This fun, family-friendly ride is perfect for younger guests, and as there are four seats in each helicopter, parents and children can enjoy a gentle spin on Harold's Helicopter Tours together. If you're a budding aviator, helicopter pilot, or adventurer, then this fun ride is just right for you - so pay Harold a visit today!

Join Jeremy Jet at his very own flying academy in Thomas Land. Jeremy Jet's Flying Academy is a gently-paced but exciting ride for younger visitors. Climb into one of Jeremy's planes, which hold up to four people, and take off into the air as the ride gently rotates and the planes go up and down. To add to the fun, each plane is controlled by its own button, which guests can press to make the plane lift up when they want! The planes are open-topped, so you will have a wonderful view of Thomas Land and everyone waving below. Jeremy Jet's Flying Academy is located by Sodor Airport, where you can relax after your fun flight through the air - although you might want to ride with Jeremy more than once! Young visitors will love controlling their own plane as it gently flies through the air, making this ride a must-visit for all aspiring pilots and mini adventurers. If you feel like going for a spin in the sky, visit Jeremy Jet's Flying Academy today!

Forget the horses, our Thomas Land carousel is all about the locomotives! Hop on board Lady’s Carousel and ride the gentle roundabout with Thomas and his friends! An ideal ride for little ones looking to experience their first rides and coasters, Lady’s Carousel is a great way to take in the sights of Thomas Land at ease. Youngsters under 0.9 metres must be accompanied by an adult, so get the grown ups ready and hop on board! Stay in your seats and let the engines take you round, what can you see from the carousel? Keep your eye out as you go round and see what Thomas and his friends are getting up to in the park! Fans of Thomas Land will love this ride and we’re sure you’ll want to keep going round, and round, and round again all day.

Bulstrode the barge is one of Thomas' many friends, and now you can enjoy a rocking adventure with him! In this exciting ride, Bulstrode rocks up and down a 'U' shaped track, spinning in circles as he goes. This unusual ride is a must-visit for visitors to Thomas Land who are ready to try something new. As Bulstrode spins around, going up and down the track, you won't know which way you're facing - but you will want to ride it again and again!

Sodor Classic Cars is one of Thomas Land's first rides, and it remains a firm favourite with visitors young and old! With Sodor Classic Cars, guests ride off on our beautiful old-fashioned cars around a track. This gentle ride automatically steers you around a captivating animated scene, while each passenger also has their own wheel to add to the fun.

In Terence's Driving School, young visitors take their own tractor for a fun ride. Every rider is in control of their own Terence, steering around the driving school in an anticlockwise direction. This fun ride lets young visitors drive their own vehicle in a safe environment, trying to complete circuits without bumping into the other tractors!

Thomas, Percy and Rosie are three of the most recognisable characters from the much-loved television show - and what visit to Thomas Land would be complete without meeting them? Join Thomas, Percy or Rosie on a fun train journey through Thomas Land, seeing all the sights as you go. There are train stations in the park and the zoo, with trains operating both ways, so why not build a trip with Thomas or his friends into your day? This gentle train ride is a wonderful way for Thomas fans to interact with their favourite characters, as well as enjoying the sights and sounds of the park. So climb aboard, take a seat, and get ready for a ride with some of your favourite Thomas Land characters!

Toby the steam tram is going on an adventure - and you're invited to join him! Climb aboard Toby and get ready to spin and tilt in this fun, family-friendly ride for Thomas fans. Once you are in your seat, the ride will rise into the air and begin to rotate. Toby will also tilt in different directions, leaving you dizzy! This gentle but exciting ride for younger guests will delight the whole family, young and old. When you visit Thomas Land, pay Toby a visit and experience rocking, tilting fun!

Jump aboard this fun family coaster for a thrilling ride through Thomas Land, designed especially for little ones wanting to experience a big roller for the first time. (Minimum Height: 0.9m) 

If you're looking for the perfect way to explore the sights of Thomas Land, come for a ride with Winston's Whistle Stop Tours. Each car, which holds up to four people, completes a circuit on an elevated track which goes above and around the attractions in Thomas Land. Enjoy this gently-paced ride with the whole family, and let Winston take you on an exciting whistles top tour of the Island of Sodor! A great ride for young ones that aren’t quite ready for the big rides, Winston's Whistle Stop Tours are not to be missed on your visit to Thomas Land.