What's New
New for 2015: Expansion of Thomas Land

Thomas Land at Drayton ManorThe popular home of Thomas & Friends is being expanded ready for Easter 2015.

Thomas Land already features themed rides Cranky's Drop Ride, Harold's Heli Tours, Crazy Bertie Bus, Jeremyís Flying Academy, Rockin Bulstrode, the Blue Mountain Engines, Dieselís Locomotion Mayhem, Winstonís Whistle Stop Tour monorail and the Troublesome Trucks Rollercoaster. Thomas the Tank Engine goes to Farmer McColls Farm where there is Terencesís Driving School and a Thomas & Friends Exhibition.

Thomas Land is being expanded into an area previously used for disabled car parking.

New for 2014: Air Race

Air Race at Drayton Manor (New for 2014)A brand new family thrill ride has taken off at Drayton Manor for 2014. Air Race is located in the Action Park area - alongside many other popular thrill rides including Maelstrom, Shockwave and G-Force.

Air Race takes its riders on a stomach-churning aerial adventure, turning their world upside down at a height of up to eight metres. Accommodating up to 24 riders at one time in six, four-seater aeroplanes, Ďpilotsí experience accelerations of almost 4G as they board the acrobatic aeroplane flight.

Riders take their seat preparing for take-off, gliding from side to side at increasing heights whilst circling around the control tower. Before long, a series of gravity defying barrel rolls in both directions will have you soaring and diving throughout the air. With banks, loops, dives and weightlessness to test even the most experienced thrill seekers, it will be the flight of your life.

New for 2013: Winstonís Whistle Stop Tour

Winstonís Whistle Stop Tour at Drayton Manor (New for 2013)2013 was another big year for Drayton Manor, with the hugely popular Thomas Land celebrating its fifth anniversary and a brand new £750,000 Thomas & Friends ride also being unveiled in the summer holidays.

Winstonís Whistle Stop Tour is based on the track inspection vehicle from the popular TV series and offers riders views across Thomas Land from the attraction which comprises of seven vehicles and takes riders on a guided monorail tour around a winding themed track.