New for 2013: Duplo Valley Splash & Play

Duplo Valley Splash & PlayLegoland Windsor renamed and extended Duplo Land as Duplo Valley for 2013, including adding new attractions Brickville, Duplo Splash Safari and Duplo Drench Towers, and enlarging the existing Duplo Theatre - the area opened on 18th May.

Brickville is a new dry play area comprising Duplo scenes and characters to create a mini town. Duplo Splash Safari is a new wet play area with interactive water features comprising zoo animal structures. Duplo Drench Towers is a new water play area with interactive climbing frame, watergun platforms and water slides.

Duplo Valley Splash & Play: Area Plans

Several existing attractions within the current Duplo Land including Duplo Train, Chopper Squadron (now Duplo Valley Airport), Fairy Tale Brook and Extreme Team Challenge (now Raft River Racers) remain alongside a larger Duplo Theatre. However, other existing attractions such as Waterworks, Playtown and Mole-in-One mini golf were removed.

Duplo Valley - Splash & Play Duplo Valley - Splash & Play

  • Brickville - Thereís plenty of dry fun in Brickville where the landscape is designed for exploring and imaginative play. Children can climb around a village full of bright Duplo buildings fitted with climbing frames and slides. From the Cavemanís House to the Town Garage, thereís plenty of surprises to discover and lots of appealing Duplo characters to meet, including curious dinosaurs and colourful clowns.
  • Duplo Splash Safari - The ultimate wet play environment for little ones. Toddlers can safely splash around amongst a menagerie of Duplo animal friends - from lions and giraffes, to zebras and elephants.
  • Duplo Drench Towers -  High at the top of the Valley sits the Duplo Drench Towers - the largest water structure in the UK especially designed for maximum soaking. Older kids will love dodging the outsized tipping brick and whizzing down the six River Rapids splashtastic water slides in head to head competition.

View the plans in full here.