Thorpe Coaster Delayed

Thorpe ParkThorpe Park says its intended 2015 rollercoaster is unlikely to open until after 2016.

In a recent planning application to extend temporary hotel The Crash Pad until 2024, with the permanent Thorpe Park Hotel delayed until at least 2020, the park have revealed that its intended 2015 rollercoaster is unlikely to open until after 2016.

The new ride will almost certainly be located on the newly created island adjacent to that of The Swarm, this area is currently vacant and initial plans showed not only a new rollercoaster but possibly 2 new flat rides as well.

The alternative location is currently occupied by The Crash Pad so it is now very unlikely to be used for this ride.

The park also states that as The Swarm is only 40m rather than 50m as the '2012 Coaster' was originally intended to be, the '2015 Coaster' is now likely to be 50m instead of 40m as it was due to be.

The Swarm is the fifth major ride to open at Thorpe Park following behind other successful launches such as SAW - The Ride (2009), Stealth (2006), Nemesis Inferno (2003) and Colossus (2002). With a total investment of £20million, The Swarm has continued the park’s commitment to providing thrill seekers with the next adrenaline-inducing experience they are looking for.

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