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The first ride of its kind outside the US, offering the ultimate full throttle free fall experience. Riders are taken 105 feet towards the sky then flipped over and slammed down towards the earth! With its two giant paddles rotating 360 degrees backwards and forwards you'll be begging for mercy! (Minimum Height: 1.4m)

Slammer - Thorpe Park
Pete  - INSANE RIDE   ||
This has to be one of the most ridiculous rides ever created, the massive platform that you sit on climbs to the top of this massive tower then the entire thing revolves around like a giant wheel then does it again backwards, the whole think wobbles sometimes under the sheer power and weight of it, just mad.
Anonymous   ||
this was a terrible excuse for a ride noone should enjoy it it was unexciting and bored me and my friends to death the large line is not worth it
Simon Lipscombe  - Great Fun   ||
This and Rush were the only two rides at Thorpe I hadnt been on until recently and to be honest its not as bad as you would think it would be. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend you go on it even if watching it scares the pants off of you!!

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Thorpe Park Park Map

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