Important Restrictions

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Height and other restrictions apply to each attraction, full details of these can be found at the entry point of the attractions, here's a summary of some key categories:

  • Minimum Height 1.4m - Colossus, Nemesis Inferno, Samurai, Slammer, Stealth, Vortex, SAW - The Ride, The Swarm
  • Minimum Height 1.3m - Detonator, Rush
  • Minimum Height 1.2m - Tidal Wave, Logger's Leap, Quantum
  • Minimum Height 1.1m - Zodiac, Storm Surge
  • Minimum Height 1.0m - X
  • Minimum Height 0.9m - Rumba Rapids, Flying Fish, Depth Charge, Mr Monkey's Banana Ride, Storm in a Teacup, Rocky Express