Alton Towers Halloween Scarefest

Alton Towers will be celebrating Halloween in spine-tingling style, with a new scare maze and a new scare zone in 2016. Visit the theme park on 8th - 9th, 15th - 16th and 21st - 31st October for hair-raising antics and spooktacular surprises!

The park is open each day from 10am - 9pm throughout the event - giving you a whole 11 hours of scares. When night falls, it's an incredible opportunity to ride the most famous rides at Alton Towers in the dark.

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Scare Mazes

  • Altonville Mine Tours: Uncover the Legend of the Skin Snatchers - a brand new live action horror maze, set in the baron town of Altonville. A family of inbred hillbillies are outcast due to their hideous disfigurement and warped way of life. Through desperation they begin capturing townsfolk, before removing their skin and stitching it into their own in a hope that this may finally give them the beauty they desire.
  • Sub Species: The End Games - a live action horror maze which pushes the boundaries of anything Alton Towers has ever done before. You will descend deep underground to a post-apocalyptic sewer system, here your group will be split up and you will choose your own route in an attempt to avoid the creatures that chase after you. Unlike the other mazes, the creatures may touch you. If you are lucky enough to escape, Sub Species: The End Games features two alternative endings making each visit completely unique.
  • Terror of the Towers: What Lies Within - a live action horror maze which is designed to push fear to the limit. In small groups you will venture round the darkened corridors of the forgotten ruin and discover the terrifying secret of what lies within.

Scare Zones

  • Dark Apocalypse - a deadly virus has spread across Forbidden Valley. The infected show signs of highly aggressive behavior and rapid physical decomposition. Phalanx control has quarantined the area however, a recent security breach has questioned their ability to contain the virus and keep society safe.
  • Freak Show - new for 2016, a travelling side-show of circus rejects has descended upon Alton Towers. Dare you walk amongst the freakishly fascinating misfits, desperate for your undivided attention?

Join Franklyn, Skelvin, Patch and Phil as they take over Alton Towers with spooktacular shows that are perfect for young families:

  • House of Monsters - an online Vlogger has turned into somewhat of a modern day Monster hunter after his investigations have led him to believe that fictitious monsters actually exist and live in a Haunted House. He hasn’t the nerves to go alone so has asked his online followers to join him on a daring mission to the supposedly abandoned house. Will you join him on the mission, what will you find? Will you discover that Monsters have a good side too?
  • Skelvin’s Spooky Storytime - Help Skelvin the Skeleton decide on his costume for Halloween. With so many to choose from, he’s going to need your help!
  • Phil & Franklyn's Ghoul School - Franklyn has forgotten how to spook, so Phil needs your help to remind him. Be there early as this spooktacular show is bound to be popular and stick around afterwards, as Phil and Franklyn might want to meet you.
  • Patch’s Trick-Or-Treat Party - Join Patch and friends as they get ready for their best Halloween ever!

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