Thorpe Park is made up of ten main themed areas, here's an overview of each including all the attractions that you'll find in them. There's more information and photos available for many of the best rides, just click on the highlighted names. You can also rate those rides, read other people's reviews of them or even write your own!

Amity Cove
Amity Cove - Thorpe Park
This spectacularly themed New England fishing village has just been hit by a giant tidal wave, but the wave will soon attack again causing utter devastation, experience it on the amazing Tidal Wave. Spin out of control on Storm Surge, another sky-high water ride, experience the Flying Fish family roller coaster and enjoy Storm in a Teacup. Take a stroll down to the Amity Speedway to ride Europe's tallest and fastest launched roller coaster, Stealth.
Angry Birds Land
Angry Birds Land - Thorpe Park
A must see for families and fans of all ages of the feathered flocks and piggy characters. Bringing the Angry Birds world alive, Thorpe Park premieres the world’s first Angry Birds 4D animation experience which forms the unique centerpiece of the land also featuring the much loved Angry Birds characters coming home to roost on Detonator: Bombs Away, the park’s 100ft rapid drop tower ride, while ‘Red Bird’ and the ‘Bad Piggies’ go bump to bump on the King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgems attraction.
Calypso Quay
Calypso Quay

This bright and colourful Caribbean quayside has a pair of great rides set within it's tropical landscape. Plunge down the river on the wild waters of Rumba Rapids in a raft. Through the lush canopy you'll find Nemesis Inferno, a true white knuckle inverted roller coaster which winds through the volcanic land.
Canada Creek
Canada Creek - Thorpe Park

An authentically themed Canadian creek complete with a range of attractions offering something for everyone. The thrilling Loggers Leap log flume (the tallest in the UK) takes you through a dramatic canyon and around a beautiful lake, there's also the intense revolving sky swat experience of Slammer and family fun on the Rocky Express spinning train ride.
Lost City
Lost City - Thorpe Park

Step inside a lost civilization packed with intense rides to satisfy even the most demanding thrill seekers. The mystical foursome of Vortex, Zodiac, Quantum and Rush are just inside the ancient walls. The almighty and exhilarating 10 inversion roller coaster Colossus is simply phenomenal plus there's the ultimate stomach churning experience of the mighty Samurai.
Neptune's Kingdom
Neptune's Kingdom - Thorpe Park

A fun watery wonderland for the whole family, set around the delights of Neptune's Beach and its pools. There are water slides at Wet Wet Wet and the main attraction is the racing boats of Depth Charge.
Ranger County
Ranger County - Thorpe Park

An exotic jungle with family favourite Mr Monkey's Banana Ride the traditional swinging ship and the I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! Maze inspired by the hit TV show featuring multi-sensory ‘leg ticklers’ that simulate the feeling of being covered head-to-toe in bugs, a vibrating bridge walkway which will leave you feeling unsteady and moving trees and walls.
SAW Island
SAW Island
Inspired by the lengendary SAW horror movies, a creepy industrial island features a derilict warehouse and an abandoned paddle boat. At one end of the land lies SAW - The Ride, the world's first horror movie themed roller coaster, with it's dramatic drop beneath huge spinning blades. At the other you'll discover SAW Alive, a live action horror maze during Fright Nights, featuring six iconic and fear-inducing scenes from the terrifying films.
Swarm Island
The Swarm

On an apocalyptic island there is the impressive roller coaster The Swarm which is 127ft tall (making it the 2nd tallest ride at the theme park) where riders fly through a dramatic crash scene featuring a plane, helicopter, fire engine, several trucks and a devastated billboard.
X - Thorpe Park

An enormous pyramid sits at the centre of Thorpe Park dominating the landscape. Venture inside and you will discover X - a rollercoaster experience like no other. Thrill your senses with a race through light and sound that will plunge you into a mix of intense colour and music.

Thorpe Park Map

Thorpe Park Park Map

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